Life Insurance

People often face the need to control their future. However, you can never tell what the future holds or for how long. Global Shield Insurance Agency life insurance helps its California clients to take hold of their futures. With our life insurance plans, you could ensure your spouse, children, or even your legacy are strong and financially stable when you are no longer around. We have various life insurance policies with the requirements listed below. These policies vary and are not limited to these types of insurance requirements. Ask one of our agents for more information.

Term Life Insurance

It is the most affordable insurance plan for people of all walks of life. During your working years, you will pay an agreed fee to Global Shield Insurance Agency. Upon death, the company funds your family, for instance, for education and mortgage. Also, we use flexible terms; you can apply for insurance, for example, in a term of ten years and renew it later on. Term insurance is suitable for short term plans as your assets accumulate with things such as retirement plans.

Whole Life Insurance

It is a lifelong policy. It has an added investment aspect in that you can build upon your cash, tax-free. It also takes up almost ten times more premiums than term insurance. Apart from the death benefits, it also allows you to borrow against your insurance. In the case that a child is disabled or has a medical condition, whole life insurance takes quite a load off since the child might need care for all their life.

Joint or Survivorship Insurance

As the name goes, it entails insuring two people, usually spouses. Sometimes, people build a company or foundation together and would like to ensure it lives on long after they are gone. Joint legacy helps preserve your legacy or estate and offers cheaper premiums than individual insurance plans.

Coming up with a magic number for the needs of your children or partner is quite difficult. Needs keep changing, calling for plan alteration. Global Shield Insurance Agency can take off the load from you and secure the future. Visit Global Shield Insurance Company in California and have your future secured.

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