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Compare Insurance Quotes with Global Shield Insurance Agency

Unforeseen loss or damage of property can result to inconveniences. However, with Global Shield Insurance Agency, you can rest assured that such losses will be covered. We are a fast growing insurance agency located in California covering home, auto, commercial, life, and health.

Home Insurance

By state law, this is split into two sections covering the property and the other liabilities. Our policies are flexible and can house the varying risks our clients face every day. However, for personal property, we can compensate belongings and up to a certain percent of dwelling or an agreed upon amount with you. Try our online rating tool for home insurance.

Auto Insurance

We cater for your vehicle needs expansively with unlimited and flexible offers regardless of your location in California. Global Shield Insurance Agency offers minimum liability, comprehensive, and collision policies to complement the varying customer needs. Our professionals will guide you on how to get the most appropriate coverage for your vehicle. Our online rating tool also provides quotes for auto insurance.

Business Insurance

Workplace losses are on the rise, and you can stay on the safe side by subscribing to our services. We cater for theft, liability, worker injury, and property damages among many others. Global Shield Insurance Agency has an array of policies designed to aid you, your employees, or your business with compensation and minimal interruptions or financial costs.

Life Insurance

We have flexible amounts of Life Insurance policies you can choose from. We also offer pre-sale advice on different bundles based on your needs such as mortgage and debt serving versus your income to avoid an under or over-insuring.

Health Insurance

We offer both individual and family plans that are suited for every client. These HMO and PPO plans are in line with state laws and come with benefits.

For more information, visit our Global Shield Insurance Agency offices, which are based in California. Our agents are happy to guide you through your selections and answer any questions or concerns you may have.