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What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance provides financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom.

Auto insurance may also offers financial protection against theft of the vehicle and damage to the vehicle, sustained from things other than traffic collisions.

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Auto Insurance Coverages

There are basically six different types of coverages. Some may be required by law. Others are optional. They are:

1 Bodily injury liability

for injuries the policyholder causes to someone else.

2 Medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

for treatment of injuries to the driver and passengers of the policyholder’s car.

3Property damage liability

for damage the policyholder causes to someone else’s property.

4 Collision

for damage to the policyholder’s car from a collision.

5 Comprehensive

for damage to the policyholder’s car not involving a collision with another car (including damage from fire, explosions, earthquakes, floods, and riots), and theft.

6Uninsured motorists coverage

for costs resulting from an accident involving a hit-and-run driver or a driver who does not have insurance.

Auto Insurance

What is Classic Auto Insurance?

Classic Car insurance is very similar to regular car insurance, but is often less expensive because the vehicles being insured are not used for every day driving. There are a number of factors that qualify vehicles for Classic Auto Insurance, including the model year, annual miles driven, and customizations.


Typical Vehicles That Qualify for Classic Car Insurance

  • Antique & Classic Cars

  • Modern Collector Vehicles

  • Modified Vehicles

  • Classic Trucks & Utility Vehicles

  • Motorsports Vehicles

  • Vintage Motorcycles & Scooters

  • Retired Commercial Vehicles

  • Collector Trailers

  • Vehicles Under Construction

  • Classic Military Vehicles

  • Antique Tractors