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If you are living in California, acquiring health insurance for yourself or that of your family can be challenging as well as confusing. That is because there are so many insurance companies and each of them offers different insurance options. So how do you know which coverage to take?

At Global Shield Insurance Agency, we offer you different health insurance coverage options depending on your needs. Since we care about you, we have specialized personnel who are well trained to guide you through all our health insurance coverage options. In that way, you can make an informed decision before signing any agreement.

Some of our health insurance coverage options include:

Injury coverage

Once you are injured, your insurance agency will be contacted and informed of the details of the accident. Depending on your policy, your medical expenses may be covered because of your plan. After that, the health insurance company will assert who was at fault, and if your auto insurance is the one that is supposed to cater for the bills, an agreement would need to be made to reimburse the expenses covered by the health insurance.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare is an insurance program designed by the government to provide health coverage to seniors usually above the age of 65 years. However, this coverage may not be able to provide for all your health needs.

To get a coverage that will be sufficient for all your health needs, our agents at Global Shield Insurance Agency will provide you with a coverage option that can strengthen or extend your health insurance safety net. With this coverage, you can access all other health services not covered by your original Medicare plan.

Short‐term health insurance coverage

With this coverage, you and your family are covered against any insured illness or accident that may happen over a period of time. In most cases, the policy is usually for one month to a year. It is important for you to understand that this coverage option is nonrenewable and doesn't include dental, vision, or other preventive care services.

As much as it is important for you to get a health insurance policy, it is also very crucial that you understand all the coverage options available. So, if you are in California and need a medical insurance policy, please visit our websites or contact us to get more information on the various health insurance coverage options.

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